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Too Weird Didn't Watch

Sep 28, 2019

Raw Force 1982
Three intrepid martial artists (Geoff Binney, John Dresden, John Locke) plan to relieve some stress and enjoy a jaunty vacation by joining a lovely singles cruise to the islands located by the South China Sea. Unwittingly, the crew aboard this luxurious liner manned by a loquacious skipper (Cameron Mitchell) and his strident, pessimistic wisecracking "partner," Hazel Buck (Hope Holiday) is lured into an oblivious locale known as the "Warriors Island." What's even worse, this seemingly taciturn location is inhabited by a sect of hungry monks who crave the flesh of the living virgins. As well, the Warriors Island contains the burial ground of many of history's most violent and notorious martial artists who have been condemned for their dearth of honor. To escalate the quandary even further, these avaricious monks, never satiated with enough fresh and blood, plan to use their black magic to raise the living dead and create an army of indomitable killing machines...

Besides encountering piranhas and zombies and maniacal, cannibalistic monks, Mitchell's crew must contend with yet another antagonist, Dr. Speer (Ralph Lombardi), who speaks with a very horrendous (and probably fabricated) German accent. The three main martial artists have only their wits (as always) and their athletic prowess against a multitude of flesh eating zombie martial arts experts. The distressed characters must escape this island before their nightmarish scenarios end with...just their deserts...

Gang Wars aka Devil's Express 1976
A no-nonsense African-American cop, Warhawk Tanzania, who also happens to be a martial arts master, tries to put an end to a brutal gang war that's raging in the streets of New York. Eventually, he also discovers that they aren't his only problem, since an actual demon has been accidentally released by a maintenance worker and is now attacking and killing people in the subway tunnels.