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Too Weird Didn't Watch

Jul 28, 2018

The Curse 1987

A meteorite crashes on the farm of the severely dysfunctional Hayes family. The Hayes family are a really messed-up bunch: stern fire-and-brimstone religious zealot patriarch Nathan (essayed with eye-rolling hammy brio by Claude Akins), his smart, but unhappy foster son Zack (a likable performance by Will Wheaton), lusty, faithless, frustrated wife Frances (a deliciously histrionic Kathleen Jordon Gregory), crude, browbeating, moronic son Cyrus (a perfectly hateful Malcom Danare), and cute little daughter Alice (the adorable Amy Wheaton). Some gunk from the meteorite contaminates the water. Pretty soon the crops, animals and even several members of the Hayes family begin to mutate in various disgusting and disturbing ways. Zack must save Alice from his now monstrous and dangerous family.


The Curse 2: The Bite (aka The Farm) 1989


Traveling to Bakersfield, California, Lisa Snipes, (Jill Schoelen) and her boyfriend Clark Newman, (J. Eddie Peck) are warned away from going there but decide on a shortcut to get there. Along the shortcut, they come across a horde of snakes in the road, and getting back to a hotel, he gets bitten. A fellow proprietor, Harry Morton, (Jaime Farr) offers an antidote and they leave, only for him to discover later on that it was a mutated snake which was responsible and races off to find them. While chasing them down, he begins to mutate into a deadly creature from his hand and refuses to have anyone do anything with it. Taking matters into his own hands, he goes on the run and tries to get away, only for the snake to return and force a final showdown.


The Curse 3: Blood Sacrifice (aka Panga) 1991

In Africa, an English Sugar Cane Plantation owner's pregnant American wife is cursed for her sister's stopping the tribal sacrifice of a goat. Dr. Pearson (Christopher Lee), a raspy-voiced doctor with asthma, who also has ties to the witchdoctor, attends to the medical needs of his neighboring locals.


The ceremony interrupted, the blood sacrifice removed, a summoned monster from the sea might just wreak havoc on them all.

The Curse 4: The Ultimate Sacrifice (aka Catacombs)

The plot involves a monastery in Italy. The film opens during the middle ages actually. We see some monks trying to perform an exorcism on this very decrepit looking man. One of the monks ends up getting possessed, but the keep the evil at bay by sealing the room with some kind of holy seal/symbol. It then goes into modern day. Where a young girl who is studying to be a teacher for a religious school goes to the monastery to learn some more things about the holy church. Some weird things go on and a lot of the monks, especially this crazy, but very religiously devout one, blame it on her, calling her evil and unclean. It turns out the possessed man in the basement was more than just a possessed person, but is actually The Beast Of The Apocalypse, THE ANTICHRIST HIMSELF!!