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Too Weird Didn't Watch

Jul 25, 2017

Brantely and Albert make fun of movies they haven't seen based on nothing but their weird descriptions. This week's movies are, Time Tracers, Blackbelt, and Virtual Combat.


Time Tracers

When the discovery of a five-thousand year old artifact of a humanoid reptile leads an investigative reporter to the Kronos Project, he uncovers an experimental device created to send humans through time, controlled by a ruthless multi-billionaire. As the Kronos experiment progresses through the Civil War era to the Jurassic age, high-tech sabotage and deceit ensue, resulting in devastating events that lead to a ripple in time, a paradox, that if not contained could change the entire course of evolution and destroy the universe as we know it.



Two evil guys are willing to kill a rock singer, one of them is her manager, someone who is known in the mob, and another one, a martial arts expert who has some mental problems about his mother who died, he thinks that the female rock singer can replace her. The singer, Shana calls in the help of an ex-cop and also martial arts expert to protect her from the guys who are up to no good.


Virtual Combat

This lively low-budget action movie is packed with martial arts, sexy sirens, and a sci-fi plot involving computers and virtual reality images that become real. The tale centers on two Nevada border officers, Dave Quarry (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) and John (Ken McLeod), who amuse themselves off duty by honing their kickboxing skills via virtual reality combat. Elsewhere, a computer tycoon prepares to market his company's latest invention, a combination of DNA and virtual reality that creates beings and creatures who look and feel real. The first two "cyberplasmic" creations are beautiful and sexually eager women, Lana and Greta. Meanwhile back in the lab of cyberplasmic creator Dr.Lawrence Cameron, Dante, the hero of a newly engineered game, manages to free himself and enter the outside world. A vicious fighter, he also wants to free his many horrific enemies and pals. Quarry gets involved after the fugitive Dante kills his friend John and several other cops.